Everything about the iOS 12.3 release – the all-new amusingness you should not miss out

The upgrade that you have been counting to is finally here!!!

The iOS 12 major upgrade, iOS 12.3 has been finally released to the public. And you might not believe that it is filled with some amazing features.

And also, almost all the bugs have been fixed, wink!!

Don’t know about the newly released iPhone upgrade? Here is everything about the upgrade.

Apple Inc. released the much-awaited iOS 12.3 update for all the iOS 12 powered iPhone, and iPod and the iPod touch versions. There was a very long break with the 12.3 beta version and the Apple lovers were more than just waiting.

But as always, they have not disappointed the users. The download size is quite heavy, around 460MB.

What are new with the 12.3 update?

(Spoiler alert: It’s going to be TV time)

Apple never just releases an update with bug fixes. All their updates are a whole new experience for the users. If you are using an update around iOS 12.2 you should know that by now. They always add some new features.

TV app

In the latest iOS 12.3 update, they have provided a new TV app.

It is a fully designed, and an amazing TV app. The app Home Screen might look the same but the insides are just overwhelming!

The layout has been changed (and in a very good way), and the app has some new features added. It will be unjust we do to the developers of these amazing features in Apple TV if we don’t talk about it.

So, here are some brief details about them.

1.            For you – this is a section that is filled with suggestions for you to watch according to your personal preference.

2.            Kids watch section – the kids’ section does not have much content at the moment. But it is definitely suitable for your kids.

3.            Sports section – live sports will not be too far with this newly added feature. You get commentary and scoreboards, and other sports shows as well.

4.            Apple TV channels – you can now easily subscribe to your favorite TV channels by your TV app. Channels like HBO, Showtime are available. And you do not need to have other apps; you can watch them straight from the TV app.

5.            Offline watching – and now you can download your favorite content and watch again later. If you love it, why not watch it twice?

6.            Newly released stuff- all the newly released movies are now available for you to purchase. You can either buy or rent these movies from a catalog with more than 100000 movies.

7.            Family sharing – you can now share your Apple channel subscriptions with your family. This is restricted to six members. And you need absolutely no new accounts or passwords to log in.

8.            Widget – and now you can watch content in a shortcut widget rather than having to close it completely.

Airplay 2 smart TV support is finally here

If you have a new smart TV now you can connect it to your Apple device. You can use your smart TV as a receiver using the Airplay output service.

You can share videos, photos and music and almost anything and the Siri suggestions for TV shows and movies can be Air played too!

Worries about the Apple News+ magazine is finally over

To be honest, the last News+ magazine was completely a mess. This update has given some sense to the magazine and actually makes you interested to read it.

There is a smaller but interesting pool of magazines for you to choose from and read.

Most of the previous headaches are cured: the bug fixes of the new update

Apple TV remote –

Well, your Apple TV remote issues have been fixed. Back then you could not use it to pause, stop or even control the volume! But now the operation of the system is more reliable and you can use it happily.

Wi-Fi calls are more reliable now –

The Wi-Fi calls used to drop many times back then. It literally was a pain! You were in the middle of a call through Wi-Fi and suddenly it drops! What if it was your boss?

Or worse, your girlfriend?

Thank God, it is finally fixed!

Apple CarPlay is back in action –

Your Apple CarPlay will show song titles according to genres, artists in the screen.

More than 20 of the existed security bugs have been fixed –

The requirement for this upgrade was security issues and they have most importantly fixed all the issues.

What happens if you haven’t updated yet?

Well, you need to update! There are no performance issues and the battery is smooth as well. Hence, if you value your device, and especially its security, you better install the update!

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