Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you

Spread love everywhere you go

Spread Love wherever you go

Spreading love does not cost you a single penny. It is something everyone can give each other for free. Although it is free of cost, some do not inherit it. We as humans are craving love. But this alters, do you know why that is? Some people only love their ones, for example, parents, children, and relatives.  But love does not have a specific limit.  You can love immensely like the sun and moon.

As I talked about the sun and moon, what does that sense to you? The warmth from the sun and the moon is immeasurable, they both do not select people, places, and give warmth. Once they begin to spread their light and warmth, they provide it to the rich and poor. No difference is seen in them. So like that, people should use their love for everybody.

At a glance, you might think there are enemies for you. Yet, try to spread a love for them too. Ultimately, love can cure numerous wounds. We are in a temporary world, where everything changes from minute to minute. Things said, promised, and done will be forgotten very quickly. If someone does bad to you, remember that there is a lesson to learn from that. Therefore do not curse others.

Every morning after waking up, practice spreading love everywhere in the world. By doing so, you will not lose anything. The only thing that happens is you develop you, inner soul, by refreshing your thoughts. Starting from parents to the whole world, spread the love towards you.

Always think about the positive side of everything even in the worst moments. Do try to make everybody by your side happier. Even do to not try to pressurize the people who are in anger. Cultivate your thoughts with love.

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