How to Spend quarantine Happily

How to Spend quarantine Happily

How to spend quarantine happily

Amidst this ominous threat of virus, you yourself have to get prevented. So what measures do you take to take care of yourself? The best method is quarantining.  But this should not disturb your mind. It should be done in a regular manner. Do not take this quarantine period as a devastating feeling. Always think about the positive side even in a situation like this.

Also, do not try to watch the news all the time, it might also affect your thoughts a lot. Always keep in mind to have good mental health. Never try to think about the negative sides of this virus. There might be some mental issues regarding this quarantine period. So there are some people who have experienced emotional exhaustion, irritability, emotional disturbance, stress, low mood, depressive symptoms, post-traumatic stress symptoms, anger, confusion, insomnia, numbness, sadness and fear are some of the common things happen to people at a period like this.

The researchers have found out that there are some precautions to get rid of these sicknesses. Some of them are establishing routines, being active as possible, combat frustration and boredom, communicate. So, these would definitely work for you.  Moreover, there are also some ideas to be connected. When you are going to have your meals, sit together and eat together. Call your friends and family members daily through mobile phone. Similarly, you can use a lot of ways to communicate such as Viber, WhatsApp, IMO and Facebook.

While you are doing so, there might also be friends of yours who are totally depressed rather than you. You can support them through kind words. Never let them fall into a deep depression. Use the maximum of social media these days. As for some countries they have given huge offers for data


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