Effective ways of Studying

Effective ways of Studying of Studying

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Stop Studying! What are you doing right now might be a waste of time, read all your notes, review the class materials, highlight things, repetition, repetition, repetition. These studying tactics have been drawn for years, but the science is very clear, there are scientifically proven study methods which is beneficial than others.

Various methods of studying

In today’s article, you are going to develop a significant advantage over the rest of your class, friends and peers, you are going to learn the best techniques for studying effectively in less time than anyone else. Now if you want this to sink in and you want to be a master student, you are what you read, you are going to take actions immediately.

This article focuses one to become a remarkable student, then you can have a motivation to study. This information is available to anyone, anywhere with no cost. These should be taught at school in your lessons and since it was not, this article will get covered, moreover, this is given free. Let’s get into this.

Let’s get to know about Memory Athletes

Did you know there are people out there so good at remembering things? They even compete in tournaments called, a World Memory Championships and they are known as Memory Athletes. They were given 20 minutes to remember with 72 random words, and in average they scored nearly 71 of 72, by contrast, an untrained group could only manage 26 of 72.

An amazing example

A 69-year-old man in 2006, he recited 111,700 digits of pi from memory, for 16 hours he kept going and going. Imagine the power of having a memory like that, and starting from today you to imagine a lifelike as one of them, you are not just a student, teenager or a grad. You are a memory athlete. You are going to become someone with such power over your mind. Then you can recall pages of notes, equations, formulas you need, without the endless hours of beating into your head. But how?

You already have it. These memory athletes use an ancient Greek technique called Greek palaces. Once you master this technique, you too are going to dramatically improve your ability to study effectively, and finally open up your dormant reserves of memory. The idea is simple, you walk through an environment like your house and you place objects in specific places, and then you match the things you want to learn with those objects. So, when you are trying to remember that information, perhaps the notes that you took that day in class, you don’t just think back to your notes. You think of where those notes are in your house, and to which objects did you attach it to and also what’s the colour. Reapply this until it becomes crystal clear in your mind.

This technique maps new information on to something that your brain has already evolved to do extremely well, recall energy in specific locations.

Protégé effect

This technique is very famous, people have known many years ago. The best way to understand a concept is to explain it to someone else. Teach someone what you want to learn. On 2007 a study looked out this, how teaching someone impacts your learning. Students who taught younger students scored higher than other students who only learned for themselves. The researchers found from research on studying habits when you choose to teach someone else you have to work harder.

Feynman technique

In this technique all you have to do is,

  • Write the name of a concept on the top of a blank paper.
  • Write down the concept as if you are teaching it to someone as if you are teaching a new student.
  • Identify what is missing, then go back and re-learn it.
  • Review everything and simplify as much as you can.

Something about Master students.

Master students are committed to an effective way to study strategies. But shipwrecked students are committed to ineffective study strategies.

The Zergurnick Technique

It is a concept in psychology that argues you to remember unfinished tasks better than tasks you complete. When work is being interrupted it creates Task-Specific Tension, it can improve cognitive function. So, step away from your desk when you study, that tension you feel ‘’ I still need to finish reviewing the chapter, I haven’t done the next paper yet’’.

This keeps the task at the top of your mind and also this keeps brain focussed. This way you can easily and access the information. That is one of the best ways you study for exams.

So how do you take advantage of this technique? You must take frequent breaks during your deep work. So scientifically it has proven that students that take breaks during the study, perform totally unrelated activities, studying other subjects, reading a book, going for a walk, playing the piano, they remember materials better than other students.

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