Tesla Cybertruck : is one of the most polarizing vehicles ever

Tesla Cybertruck
Tesla Cybertruck

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Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Motors, Inc. which is an American automotive and Energy Company developed an electric battery powered commercial vehicle called Tesla Cybertruck. The CEO of the Tesla Cybertruck is Elon Musk. This vehicle also comes in various names such as Cybertruck, Cybrtrk, Tesla Truck and Tesla Pickup.

The main designer of this vehicle is Franz von Holzhausen. With the range estimation of 250-500 miles (400-800km) and an estimate of 0-60 mph time of 2.9-6.5seconds three models have been announced. Tesla has decided to offer Cybertruck in three categories; single motor range, dual motor range and triple motor range.

Body and Chassis

The Tesla Cybertruck has a polygonal body style. It consists of rear motor, rear wheel drive, dual or tri motor and all wheel drives.


The Tesla Cybertruck is benchmarked over the Ford F-150 and has similar dimensions.  Its 231.7 inches long. Contains a width of 79.8, and the height is 75 inches with a 6.5 foot bed.

A range of 250 miles is estimated to have in the single motor truck. A 300 mile range in the dual motor and 500 miles range in the triple motor.

The Cost

The single motor, which would be the cheapest, will be priced from $39900. Second motor and the all-wheel drive will be priced from $49900. Adding up the triple motor will have a price of $69900.

This will be offered in three different levels, the single motor will be rear wheel drive only. The dual motor will feature all-wheel drive. The most expensive is the tri motor all-wheel drive which has the capability to carry 3500 pounds.

Other than carrying the cargo, it possesses lockable storage spaces which is under the hood and the sides. Using the adaptive air suspension system drivers can adjust the ride weight of the truck.


The armoured Cybertruck exactly looks like the ghost of the video Games Past Drivers. The internet is full of memes in relation to the looks of the Cybertruck.

The officials have also stated that redesigning of the Cybertruck would be under the consideration depending on the public view on it.

The material of the Tesla Cybertruck is is hard and resistant to corrosion, moreover it is impossible to paint and difficult to repair.

Trucks powered with 6500 fossil fuel are sold in United States every day, so this Cybertruck would be a substitute for providing a sustainable energy.


Self-levelling and suspension is used by the Cybertruck itself to compensate for variable loads. Power inverters are included for both 120 and 240 volt electricity, which will allow the use of a power tool lacking a portable generator. Pneumatic tools will be powered by an air compressor.

Another standard feature is that, the exterior is bullet resistant against 9 mm calibre bullets.

Aerodynamics can be improved due to the various hard edges of the Cybertruck.

Tesla autopilot will come with all vehicles, and hardware capabilities will be possessed for entire autonomous operation.

The Truck has the capability to withstand certain small arm fires and sledgehammers.

The traditional truck bed is taken by the Cybertruck which adds up features which would be cool and likely. The acceleration can be done from zero to 60 in less than 3 seconds. The sun visor which flushes against the pillar is a clever feature in the Cybertruck.


The truck has a seating for 6, two bench seats in the front middle seat, a rear view digital camera based mirror and a dash board which resembles like marble on the surface.


When looking at the Cybertruck, we can see numerous car design references, ranging from movie machines to fighter planes.

Unibody construction is used for marketing purposes of the truck in the previous discussions have decided to use titanium for outer panels, but later they switched to the use of stainless steel to gain an additional strength.

The Cybertruck has three seats in the front. The interior of the Tesla Cybertruck is quite welcoming. The rear seats which are fitted with an interior lighting strip on the sides, provide light for the passengers at the back.

The significant advantages in this kind of frame structure is the availability of space which is used to store the other equipment’s and the battery pack. Avoiding dents and long term corrosion are the advantages of this material. Less manufacturing, lesser assembly and no paint jobs are the important advantages of the frame design. Ultimately, the process of the truck makes a little greener.


The powertrain consists with an inductive rear motor model and the permanent magnet in model 3’s is in front of the medium model. Single motor rear wheel and tri motor are other versions with two motor rears and one front.

The full self-driving software upgrade can be pre ordered by customers which is similar to other vehicle offerings of Tesla’s.

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