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Sony Vision-S

Sony Vision-S

What do you know about Sony Vision-S so far? This is all about an electric concept car developed by Sony. This was unveiled in the Consumer Electronics Show in 2020. It was designed in collaboration with the components manufacturer of Magna International, Elekrobit, Continental AG and Benteler Bosch.

Specific Details about Vision-S


Manufacturer                    Sony

Passengers                        4 seats with individual seat speaker

Vmax    149 mph (240 km/h)

Tire Size                            245/40R21 (Front) 275/35R21 (rear)

Body and Chassis

Layout                                Dual-motor all-wheel drive

Class                                   Mid-size

Body Style                          4-door fastback sedan

Drive    all-wheel drive

Ground Clearance             129 mm-135 mm


Electric Motor                  200kW x 2

Acceleration                    4.8 s 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h)


Curb Weight                     2350 kg (5180 lb)

Weight                               5180nlbs (2350 kg)

Wheelbase                        3000 mm (120 in)

Height                                1450 mm (57 in)

Length                                4895 mm (192.7 in)

Width                                 1900 mm (75 in)


The Sony’s latest technology will be showcased by Vision-S and the features will always be on connectivity. It is fortified with 33 sensors, including, time-of-flight cameras, radar, solid-state LIDAR and CMOS. By the Sony’s 360 Reality Audio a panoramic touchscreen is placed into the dashboard. The Vision-S comprises with a dual motor setup with an all-wheel drive and two 200kW electric motors.

The acceleration can be done from 0-100 km/h in 48 seconds. The air spring system is used with a double-wishbone suspension.

Sensors of the Car

Now we are in an era where there are self-driving cars are available. So, when considering about the comfort of a car, it is totally covered by security and safety. From this, we can understand that precautions are taken by a system faster and carefully than a human being.

Sony has a concept called ‘’Safety Cocoon’’, this hugely contributes to the development of cars. In the Sony Vision-s car the technology itself takes care of the passengers within. This is something addition done to the parking assistance and providing driving. These features bring a sense of peace of mind whoa are riding the car.

Oval Sensing

The total number of automotive-grade sensors are 33.they are installed both outsides and inside of the car. Once the car is in motion, the car itself keeps a watchful eye, which will be monitored thoroughly. We can identify that the cocoon-like layout underlies a ‘’oval’’ theme design.

Driving assistance

The sensors within the car give a 360-degree recognition for the traffic conditions. Driving assistance such as auto lane change functions, self-parking, and advanced cruise control are provided precisely by the sensors. If you think that this car enables only safe and secure you are wrong, it also allows stress reduction and energy-efficient driving. With the aim of achieving higher self-driving or Level 4, software updates are allowed for the continual performance upgrades in the future.

Advanced camera Monitoring performance

A new level of performance through visual and sensing technology have been advanced through conventional automotive mirrors. The camera sensors in the Sony Vision-S are able to capture the approaching pedestrians and vehicles and send signals before even seen by a human eye. The three large displays which is in the cabin can be aligned in order to the performance of the driver or the urgency. If we take the room mirror for an example in the center, this shows the view from both of the sides of the vehicle. The resolution and high brightness of the display makes sure of the high visibility.

When there is a glare from the headlights of the cars which are coming from behind, the signal processing technology and the HDR will enable to adjust the brightness. Furthermore, Sony influences the sensing technology to realize the next generation of the safety systems, to provide the customers with smart mirrors that offer great intelligence and visibility then the conventional mirrors.

Driver Monitoring

Sensors monitor the condition of passengers and drivers inside the cabin. And also, there is an amazing technology within this that is the system inside the Sony Vision-S is able to identify the body movements and facial expressions of the driver and will test the fatigue levels and concentration, this will send alerts to the person. Isn’t this a nice system? Hope anyone won’t say No to this!

The temperature inside the cabin is adjusted according to the feelings and conditions of the driver. In here, the only goal is not the safety of the passenger. The goal is also to have a sensitive cabin environment to people’s comfort.

So real and so immersive

The body of the Sony vision-S is encapsulated by sounds from all of the directions is an immersive and unprecedented audio experience. Object-based technology on spatial audio are utilized to recreate bright realism that senses the people that tan artist is performing in front of them.

Each musical element, such as instruments or vocals are placed in spherical around field in intended position based on the artists. 

Individual Seat Speaker

The 360 reality Audio which is a real experience, targets the car’s seat speakers. Their main goal is to make a world where each passenger can enjoy their favorite music in the seats with personalized sound configuration.

An optimized speaker layout on the most advanced audio engineering has been designed form the ground up. This can provide an exquisitely real audio experience that will utilize the cabin space with Sonys audio signal processing technology.

Panoramic screen

The Sony’s Vision-S has the convenience of enjoying videos with your fingertips. When you enter this car, the passengers and drivers will see a row of displays on a widescreen. The user interface will be intuitive, with each passenger and driver able to access all the contents free of charge. A jog dial will be installed, which is the fingertip video control, even if the specific viewer has chosen to lie down to their seats.

So we are sure that the car cabin will provide a comfortable environment like a space you will explore in a luxury living room.

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