Live Updates of Coronavirus Country by Country

Live Updates of Coronavirus

Until now, the Coronavirus has killed over 3400 people, the majority is in China. Globally, there are about 95000 cases. Covid-19 is a catastrophe which bought death to a lot. It is alarmingly spreading throughout East Asia, Middle East, Europe and USA. And it has spread over 75 other countries worldwide. Apart from China, the first deaths of Coronavirus have being recorded from the countries of Spain, Iran, and California.

Updates from the other affected countries

The schools and universities of Italy have being closed due to the effect of the Coronavirus. Three novel deaths were announced on Wednesday, in addition to the 438 cases. Japan has 33 new more cases, and the number of Coronavirus patients have increased to a certain level.

There are 158 coronavirus cases in Germany and it is rising. Even the German Health Minister announced that the coronavirus is becoming a global pandemic. The biggest city, New York has also being infected by the Coronavirus. 11 people have being identified from this disease. Still the source of the disease is unknown to them.

The JetBlue Airlines and United airlines have cut off their flight schedules due to the increasing effect of the Coronavirus.  The USA military are taking measures to create special vaccines to cure the Covid-19. The cities like Seattle, Washington and San Francisco have being announced as emergency states.

The market of USA are supplying number of facemasks and asking the people to take care of themselves in advance. Eventually, let us pray for all those who are affected, and be health-conscious. So please take instant precautions to get avoided from getting infected.

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