Live Updates of Coronavirus 2020.03.05

UAE warns the residents

The United Arab Emirates has warned the citizens and foreign residents to stop traveling abroad due to the ominous threat of the Covid-19. In case, anyone wants to travel for a special need, the relevant person or group of people will have to undergo special medical tests once they come back to the United Arab Emirates.

Once the medical tests prove that the person is positive from the test, the person will be quarantined at a hospital.  As the UAE is home to 2 airlines named Etihad and Emirates, it is been a prominent place for international travel as well. Moreover, Dubai is one of the busiest airports ever.

The country has reported 27 Covid-19 cases. Currently, they are closing schools and higher educational institutes for about 4 weeks due to the outbreak of the Covid-19. And those educational institutes and schools will be opened on March 8th

What measures are taken to reduce the spread of this virus?

You must wash your hands frequently with soap and water each hour, or else use a sanitizer gel.  Always keep in mind to use disposable tissues to catch the sneezes and the coughs. Do not use the used tissues, throw them away once you use them. Do not keep them to use again.

Just imagine you go somewhere, and you did not bring a tissue. Then, use your sleeve. So, when your hands are unwashed, keep in mind not to touch your nose, eyes or mouth.   In addition to that, always be mindful when you are associating sick people. Do not go near to them. Always be safe and let us all pray for the victims who are subjected to Covid-19.

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