What you might be missing this week… The latest Apple Inc. news!!


What you might be missing this week… The latest Apple Inc. news!!

In this week there has been more than exciting news from the Apple Inc. It definitely has been a super thrilling week to all the Apple lovers indeed.

There has been news from the next biggest Apple launch; iPhone XR sequel and also, about the iPhone line-up for the year 2019.

The very much anticipated update for iOS 12; iOS 12.3, was also released this week!

There is more than enough excitement gathering up already and this will be your chance to get to the hype if you missed it!

Apple begins the production of key parts for their next iPhone batch!

The next big launch is not more than 4 months away. Apple is indeed very close for mass production of these devices.

Reports from Bloomberg say that they have started the production of A13 chips!

The revolutionary Apple Inc. is never going to stop bringing the next-generation technology. And this chip is said to be the next-generation processors.

This chip is said to be the built second-generation 7nm process. A big cut-off for the price and the time spent on building chips for clients.

They also say about wireless reverse charging, but Samsung S10 already came with the concept. The users will be able to charge their AirPods and Apple watch and other gadgets from the rear of the new smartphone.

What would the iPhone XR look like?

There have been so many predictions on how the 2019 iPhone 11 and 11 Max would look like. And with the photos that were flooding in the internet one thing was clear. They all were expecting a bit taller phone with three cameras lined-up in the back.

But the Bloomberg report had a 3D image of the 11R and the others in the line-up. And it seems that they all have the same fate like the previous ones. Not only that but also a large square bump in the back where the cameras are. And there are only two lenses?

But the 11R is rumoured to have a telephoto lens this year. And the more expensive ones to be equipped with a super wide-angle lens!!

But the colours are expected be super cool this year. They are adding lavender and green too!

Maybe some flashy colours could take away the bump in the back…

And the new iPhone XR is said to be the same size. 6.1 inches screen. But it is going to be thinner and lighter weight.

The biggest software update came out… Finally!!!

The iOS 12 .3 update took ages to come out, and the users were thinking that they’ll have to settle with the Beta version. But the update came out this week. And the wait seems to have paid off when considering the features and the bug fixes they have done.

Almost all the security issues that used to be there have been fixed!

The Apple TV app took the major come back with the update.

You now have offline view support, a much-refreshed page and a direct view from TV app. And you are going to have a faster and a stable connection.

The Apple TV was ignored by most of the users, but with the new update, it is less likely for you to ignore!

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