Google Classroom the perfect place to explore.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom; the perfect place to explore.

Are you a student or a teacher? So, if you are one of them. There is a perfect place to share all your files. That special place is called as the ‘’Google classroom’’. This process also makes your routine paperless. Now, let’s get to know about the Google classroom app with details. The primary purpose of the app is to share the files between students and teachers. For many years Google has worked with a number of educators across the world to create this amazing Google Classroom app.

The Google Classroom apk was found 6nyears back, on August 12th 2014. Google Drive is combined with the Google classrooms for assignment distribution and creation. Then Google slides, docs, sheets for writing, and the Google calendar is for scheduling.

Here, students can enter the Google classroom through a private domain or private code.separate folders will be created for each class in the User’s drive. Where the student is able to submit the works to the teacher. The students are able to access other files from apps and also take photos and attach them to their assignments. The teachers can comment on the student’s work after they have been graded.

Let’s get to know the History of the Google Classroom app

The Google classroom was first announced in 2014, at that time it was only available for the members of the Google’s G suite Programme. In 2015, the Google classroom app shared websites that allowed the school developers and administrators to engage with the Google Classroom further. At the same time, they also introduced the Google Calendar which helped in scheduling assignment due dates, class speakers and field trips.

Again in 2017, the Google Classroom allowed that the personal Google users can join this even without having a G suite education account. In the same year, personal Google users were able to teach and create a class in it.

So, in 2018, the Google refreshed the classroom, they allowed the reuse of the classwork form the other classes, added a separate section for the classwork, made improvements in the grading interface and added more features for the teachers to organize the content by topic.

In the recent past year, 2019, Google introduced 78 new themes and addition that dragging and dropping assignments and topics in the classwork section.

Features of Google Classroom

The Google classroom’s aim is to have paperless education institutions, therefore it has ties with Gmail, Google Drive, Sheets, and Slides, and google docs. Later, the Google Calendar was incorporated to help with field trips, assignment due dates and class speakers. Through the institution’s database students can be invited to the classroom, through a private code that is able to add in the student’s user interface. Or else, the student can be automatically taken from the school domain. Every class has a separate folder in Google Drive, where the teachers can grade the students.


The assignments are graded and stored on the G suite of the productivity applications. It allows collaborating between the student to student and teacher to student. The teachers can choose a file that can be taken as a template so that each and every student can edit their copies. Then the students can turn back for a grade instead of allowing them to copy, view or edit the same document. The students can attach some additional documents from the Drive to the assignment.


Google Classroom supports many different schemes. The teachers here can attach files to the assignments in which the students have the ability to edit, view or get individual copies. At the same time, the students also can create and attach files to the assignment if the copy is not created by the relevant teacher. Also, the teacher can monitor the progress of the students where they can edit and comment.


You can have two-way communication between the students and the teacher, where the teacher can post announcements. The students can comment on the posters to get more information of, once you do an assignment here, you have the capability of attaching different types of media from Google products such as the YouTube videos. The Gmail provides email options for the teachers to send emails to students in the Google classroom interface.

Archive Courses

The Google classroom allows the instructors to archive courses at the end of a year or term. Archiving a course means that it is eradicated from the homepage. Then it is placed in the Archived classes to help the teachers to keep the classes organized. Once a course is being archived, the students and teachers can see it, but they won’t be able to make any changes until it is restored.

Mobile Application

Mobile apps for Google Classroom was introduced in January 2015, which are available for both Android and iOS apps. This mobile app will let the users to take a number of photos and attaches them to the assignments done by the students. Meanwhile, it also shares many files from other apps and supports offline access.


Google Classroom does not have any advertisements in its interface for teachers, students, and faculty. And the user data is not used for any advertising purposes or scanning.

Guardians and parents cannot access to the child’s assignments due to the privacy laws. But the parents or guardians can receive the summaries of the email if only the teacher allows.

How to sign in to the Google Classroom

  • Go to the and click on Go to the Classroom.
  • Enter the username and click on the
  • Enter the password and again click next.
  • There will be a welcome message, read the message and click on the Accept.
  • Click I’m a student or I’m a teacher if you are only using G suite for the Education account.
  • Then click on Get Started.
  • When you are ready to use the Google Classroom students should see Join a class and teachers should see create a class.

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