Drops APK Language Learning – Learn 35 Languages

Drops APK

Drops APK Language Learning – Learn 35 Languages

Do you like to learn 35 languages from one app? Learning a language is not easy. So, we have introduced you a new app called ‘’Drops’’. What do you feel when you hear this name? Think for a moment, anything which you drop is valuable. So, to drop anything there must be something worth. From this technical word, it gives a meaning about languages. There are the number of languages, you are taught to the maximum through this. Is there any other for languages better than Drops Apk.

Trying to be an expert in a specific language is tough, anyhow if you try to acquire your best, no one can’t stop you. This new app ‘’Drops’’ consists of 32 languages. DropsPak will take out the word ‘’boring’’ out of your life. The vocabulary in here is going to your memory through fast-paced microgames and minimalist illustrations. Furthermore, you download the Drops Apk app. this will not take much space to be installed.

Features of Drops APK

So, let us begin, in Drops Apk we use a number of pictures to connect to the meaning. Don’t you think that this method is far better than sticking into endless notes? Once you start learning with notes that are tiring, you will surely end up hating the language. We are here with all the remedies to the problems.

This will be more fun. Learning with pictures will directly connect to your brain. You will remember the things twice rather than the notes. Psychologically, the Drops Apk is in an advanced level, which no other app could have reached. The app starts every language with a simple beginning, where everyone can understand. Even a small kid is able to learn from this. Step by step this will advance.

Exams! Oh, did you see what the first word was? Are you terrific? Yes. No, no need to be afraid. It is not like something like in your school. This is totally different. I hope you are thinking now you are marked safe. This is kind of a 5-minute session. Only limited for 5 minutes. Not less than or more than that. The 5 minutes might feel for you like it is small, but once you begin to do the session, you might feel it is not enough.

Another good feature in this is the effortless practice. When considering games, it is something that is very addictive. We all love to play games.no one would ever stop loving games. Drops Apk provides the lessons through games and illustrations. Remember that unlike playing games, you won’t waste your precious time in here. You gain something. Knowledge is acquired.

What do you think about the rapid pace? Isn’t that worth.as we mention in the above features, we told you that there will be a 5-minute session. So, for that this rapid pace will benefit. This helps you to type faster in your phone’s keyboard. Say hello to rapid taps and swipes. You will need the extra seconds to get the most out of your valuable 5 minutes.

Has anyone tried the language learning app, Drops APK ?

Let’s talk about vocabulary focus. There is no grammar in here, words are with high practical value with only accurate words. There is also another training for the bed=ginners as well. Who cares the alphabet! But, in here the alphabet may seem like a god for you. You will get the alphabet training in the following language areas. Hindi, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Drops app apk is the first app to introduce such new things

We have to say this first, do not turn this particular app into a learning addictive addict. You do not have to use this on a daily basis. Day after day, or two-three days later this is possible. The Drops Apk has tricks to make your memory a better one. Or else you do not have to by heart any of the sessions done. So now you can come to a specific point that this app is technologically in a high standard. Once the Drops Apk app becomes a learning app, you will start to feel boring. So, learn from the app in a relaxed mood and the things taught will go to your brain automatically.

Every month we add a language. So, if you are in a country where your mother tongue or any other language you prefer are not available in this. Obviously, we will include that in a few more months. Besides the usual languages such as Icelandic, Tagalog, Hindi, Hungarian, Danish, Russian, Portuguese, Hebrew, Arabic, Korean, Chinese and Japanese.


Recently, we included some dialects too! Now you can choose between Cantonese Chinese and Mandarin Chinese, Latin American Spanish and Castalian Spanish, British English and American English, Brazilian English and European English.so, you can learn each of these languages simultaneously for free!

We have recorded our pronunciation from actresses. So we are very proud of that. You can listen to the pronunciations of Drops Apk from your favorites. If you cannot spell any word properly, you can click on the speaker icon on the page. There you will hear the relevant word is being pronounced. First time if you didn’t get it, it can be repeatedly heard.

A complete free package is offered to you free by Drops Apk, moreover, you can have a quick learning session even from that. From around 99 topics there will be more than 1700 words. Just imagine, from such a small amount of topics, you are able to learn thousands of words. And the most important thing is, if you are a dedicated language learner, you can subscribe to a better premium feature. Through this, you will get unlimited learning time and faster progress in your preferred language.

Do you know that, although we are an educational app, we do have an admission? Don’t you like to know what this mission is about? So, this is it. Our mission is to empower the whole world with the gift of language through the universal language where we all understand; images.

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