Coronavirus All you need to know about symptoms and risks


Coronavirus All you need to know about symptoms and risks

What is this Coronavirus? What kind of measures can one take to recover from this deadly Coronavirus? So, this has become a major threat to China. And still, it is spreading virally in the country.  A number of deaths have being confirmed and they continue to increase.  The Chinese President Xi Jinping has also warned that the virus is accelerating, and has asked to take the necessary precautions to it.

Up to now the Coronavirus has already killed 56 people and infected around 2000 people all around the Wuhan City. From this Sunday onwards all the private vehicles are banned from the city of Wuhan. The officials are also going to build an emergency hospital to handle 1300 patients and it will be soon finished after one month. Moreover, they have started to build a 1000 bed hospital. Military medical teams have rushed to the Wuhan, to help the patients.

Coronavirus initially appeared in the mid of December 2019. Even the lunar celebrations were cancelled in China. The railway stations have a checkpoint for the people to check whether they have fever or not. But most of the railway stations have already being closed. Hong Kong has also shut down its schools and extended the holidays of the children.

What is this Coronavirus and what does it do?

As Coronavirus is a prevalent disease these days, we get to hear numerous things about this. This Coronavirus is a cluster of viruses which includes the common cold. This relevant virus has never seen before. Anyhow viruses have become common in the life of humans. But this certain virus is somewhat dangerous. It also causes severe acute respiratory infection.

As we have to know about this Coronavirus thoroughly, it all starts with a simple fever, where you will not think that this will not be harmful. Then it is followed by a dry cough. When weeks pass the certain patient will suffer from shortness of breath where the patients need the help of the hospital treatment. Until now there are no specific treatment or any kind of vaccination.

How worried should we be?

Actually, around quarter of the people’s cases are severe and dead. And mostly the old people get infected with this disease, as their bodies are unable to fight for the disease. Furthermore, the authorities if China suspect a certain kind of seafood has been the main cause for this disease. The scientist say that this will be a human to human transmission for the scale of this huge epidemic.

Now the people who have slight symptoms of the Coronavirus are also being isolated due, the officials say that this habit if isolating the people will confuse with the other diseases. Because other than the coronavirus people also get affected with mild headaches or fever, so they tell the people not to mingle the virus with the daily diseases they have.

The number of confirmed cases are 11000 up to now. Now there is also a rumour that the disease has been spread abroad to a small number of people. In Australia, they have detected 4 members who have being subjected to the Coronavirus. As it has run through Europe, France has confirmed 3 people. Some of the people have fled to UK around 2000.

Neighbour countries such as Nepal, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan Japan and Singapore too have reported the diseases. Wuhan city is on lockdown with heavy restrictions on travelling in and out. And all the public transport like planes and buses which is being cancelled. All the pharmacies around the city have run out of supply and the hospitals are filled with patients.

The officials have informed the people not to gather in crowds and avoid the gatherings. The transport system has been shut down, where people cannot commute to any of the places. Even the taxis are not running. All the major western brands like McDonalds and Starbucks are totally shut down. From this Monday onwards almost all the foreign trips ware going to be suspended.

How did the disease jump from the animals to humans?

There are some viruses which are capable of transmitting from animals to humans, this specific virus is something like that. But the main problem is how that will transmit. The scientists have revealed that it is transmitted from the snakes where they take as food. So the proteins inside them will naturally enter the cells. Likewise, the disease has being transmitted.

Now, we have to see whether this disease will spread between all the people or not. According to the researches, the primary mode of the transmission is from the animals to the humans. So after that is transmitted, the other people will get infected by an infected person from the Coronavirus through the air, close personal contact and objects from viral particles from it.

What is being done to stop this virus from transmitting?

Already travelling has being stopped, and this lockdown has being affected to almost 35 million people. The major airports are conducting screenings to ensure whether the people are infected by this virus or not. And also the officials are telling the people to avoid the non-essential travelling to Wuhan. So they have also avoid not to make contacts with the sick people. And also to avoid the dead people, alive animals, animal markets and also uncooked animals.

The officials have also implemented several rules for the non affected people that they should often wash their hands with water and soap at least for 20 seconds. And the sad thing in here is they have warned that if you are affected with the disease try to isolate yourself in home from separating yourself from the other people in your home. In addition to that you everybody should wear a mask, cover your mouth once you cough or sneeze and wash your hands regularly.

People who have gone to the Wuhan city in the past few weeks have already infected with the disease.  Sadly I have to say that, I heard that some of the parents are leaving their kids at the airports who are infected with the disease, so please don’t do that.  So we pray that this epidemic will vanish from our lives as soon and possible and ask God to protect the people who are suffering.

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