All about the Coronavirus and the precautions taken for it


All about the Coronavirus and the precautions taken for it

Coronavirus is a large family of viruses that includes a ranging of the common cold to a severe state. It might be severe as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. So, this Coronavirus was discovered in 2019. Previously it was not identified by anybody. This virus is said to be zoonotic which defines that it is being transmitted from animals to humans.

The common signs of the infection include fever, respiratory symptoms, and shortness of breath, cough and also the breathing difficulties. Once the case becomes more severe it might cause severe acute respiratory syndrome, pneumonia, kidney failure or even death.

Recommendations to prevent from Coronavirus

There are some recommendations to be safe from this virus- covering the nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing, regular hand wash, cook eggs and meat thoroughly. And also you must avoid close contacts with people who show signs of the respiratory illness such as sneezing.

Protective measures taken against the virus

Now many people in China are being recovered from the virus but it has largely affected in other countries, especially Italy. People who are infected in mild illness become get recovered. You must take care of yourself. Here are some tips for you to be safe.

Wash the hands frequently. Keep a practise to wash your hands thoroughly and roughly with alcohol based hand wash. Or else wash them with soap or sanitizer. What happens when hands are washed frequently? Once you wash hands with water and soap or using any type of alcohol based rub, the viruses get killed.

The other thing is that you must maintain the social distancing. Remember to keep at least a distance of 1 meter between anyone who is sneezing or coughing. So as you are asked to be like that let us get to know why that process is recommended? Just imagine when someone coughs or sneezes they spray small little drops of liquid from their mouth or nose which contains the virus. Therefore, when you are too close, you begin to breathe these drops, including the Coronavirus if the person is infected with that.

The other thing is that everybody should avoid touching their own mouth, eyes and nose.   Think for a moment, your hands are touched by many surfaces so it can pick up the virus very quickly. When contaminated, the hands are able to transfer the virus from nose, eyes or mouth. From there, the virus can enter to your body.

Protective measures were taken against the virus 2

Always practise respiratory hygiene. Make sure, the people around you always practise respiratory hygiene practises. It means covering your nose and mouth with a tissue or bent elbow when you sneeze and cough. After that you must dispose the used tissue as soon as possible.

Let us get to know why that happens. The small droplets are the ones which spread the virus. Therefore, when you follow good hygiene practises you are protecting the people around you. The people are protected from flu, cold and Covid-19.

If you are suffering from cough or fever and difficulty in breathing seek the medical care immediately. And if you feel unwell, stay home without going anywhere.  Learn to follow the directions of the local health authority. The local and national authorities have the most update information about the situation in your area. This act will protect the lives of many others.

Try to stay informed and follow the advice given by the healthcare provider. Always keep in touch with the news, and see be alert on the latest developments of the virus.

Measures taken for the people who have visited the Covid-19 spreading areas

If you feel you are unwell stay at home and do not go anywhere. Even when there are mild symptoms such as slight runny nose and headache. Avoid the visits with others and close contacts with others. By the way, if the sneezing, cough and headache begins to develop, you have to meet the doctor as soon as possible. These measures taken by a single person might save the lives of lots of people.

Frequently asked questions about the Covid-19

How should people greet each other? Greetings should be done by bows, nods and waves. So to prevent the virus getting into your body, avoid physical contact when doing greetings.

Should people avoid handshakes because of the virus? The virus can be passed by handshakes and also by touching the eyes, mouth and nose.

Some of the people might see wearing the rubber gloves for being safe. No, it is not that safe, washing your hands regularly is enough.

The World Health Organization is giving precautions. They are to be SMART and inform oneself about it. Be SAFE from the coronavirus infection. Be KIND and support everybody.

And every time be ready to fight the virus.  So every time be careful, supportive, kind and alert.

If you are around 60+ and having these conditions like the respiratory conditions, cardiovascular disease and diabetes avoid crowded places and areas.

Keep in mind to protect others from getting sick. When sneezing and coughing cover the nose and the mouth with tissues and flexed elbows. Always use alcohol based soaps and hand rubs to wash your hands. And remember to avoid spitting in the public.

How to cope with the stress when one suffering from Covid-19

It is very normal to feel stressed, sad, scared, confused and become angry during such a case. Talking to your loved ones can help a lot.  If you are subjected to stay at home, maintain a good healthy lifestyle by having a good sleep, a balanced diet, and social contacts with your favourites by email and phone.

Do not use alcohol, smoking or any other drugs to deal with your feelings. If you are overwhelmed, talk to a counsellor or health worker. Have a plan to go out for your mental and physical needs. Limit your time on worrying or agitation by spending the time by watching TV or listening to music.

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